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At Cadry Law Group, we specialize in a range of employment law practice areas, offering expert legal representation and advice in California. Our commitment is to protect the rights of employees and advocate for justice in the workplace. Below are the key practice areas we handle:

Wrongful Termination

We are dedicated to representing employees who have been unjustly terminated, advocating for their rights and seeking justice under California's wrongful termination laws.

Family and Medical Leave

Our legal guidance encompasses family and medical leave rights, helping employees manage their health and caregiving responsibilities without fear of losing their job.

Whistleblower Retaliation

We specialize in defending employees who face retaliation for reporting illegal activities or misconduct in their workplace, upholding their rights under California's whistleblower laws.

Workplace Discrimination

We handle cases of discrimination based on protected characteristics such as race, gender, age, religion, and disability, ensuring equitable treatment for all employees under California law.

Sexual Harassment

We offer confidential support to victims of sexual harassment, navigating the complexities of California's laws to achieve justice and appropriate resolutions.

Wage & Hour Claims

Our expertise extends to ensuring employees receive fair compensation for their labor, including adherence to California’s minimum wage, overtime pay, and rest break laws.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Our firm advocates for the rights of pregnant employees, ensuring they are free from discrimination and treated fairly in accordance with California's laws.

Executive Employment

We provide specialized legal services for executives, focusing on contract negotiations, compensation, and issues of wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment.

Our Recent Successes
  • $1,070,807 - Disability Discrimination

  • $550,000 - Sexual Harassment

  • $335,200 - Whistleblower Retaliation

  • $290,000 - Pregnancy Discrimination

  • $275,000 - Sexual Harassment

  • $225,000 - Pregnancy Discrimination & Retaliation

  • $210,000 - Disability Discrimination

  • $187,000 - Whistleblower Retaliation

  • $160,000 - Disability Discrimination

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