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Business Transactions 

and Civil Litigation

Business Transactional

Contract Review, Negotiation, Preparation and Risk Management


As state and federal laws become increasingly complex, many individuals and business seek to preemtively guard against potential liability. In other instances, business owners may seek legal expertise in drafting and negotiating multifaceted business and partnership agreements.


A significant portion of our practice is devoted to offering preventative guidance and risk assessments by appraising the contractual risks and vulnerabilities which could potentially expose you and your business to legal liability. We also counsel startup companies on corporate structure and governance. Our experience as litigators has equipped us with the profound knowledge necessary to foresee problems in many types of business dealings. We are also heavily involved in negotiating agreements, and memorializing the terms of those agreements in legally-binding contracts – such as buy-sell / cross-purchase agreements, service agreements, and operating agreements. 


Business & Civil Litigation

Regrettably, today's business environment is riddled with variety of civil disputes which can potentially undermine one's pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests. Where litigation unavoidable, the Cadry Law Group aggressively advocates for the interests of its clients by tailoring a strategy to meet its clients' needs. Our considerable experience in the courtroom and at the mediation table has equipped us with the means to utilize creative and effective strategies in resolving the issues at hand. Where settlement is appropriate, we diligently negotiate a compromise under the most favorable terms, while constantly keeping our clients informed on all facets the case. Whether representing a plaintiff or a defendant, we are experienced in all key areas of civil litigation, including  - but not limited to:

  • Contract Disputes                         

  • Trade Secrets

  • Interference with Business Relations

  • Unfair Business Practices

  • Defamation

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Breaches of Fiduciary Duty

Mindful of the fact that litigation can be costly and time-consuming, Cadry Law

works with its clients to arrange for alternative fees structures in order to share in the

risks and rewards of litigation. Such fee structures may include flat fees, blended rates, or a hybrid between contingency and hourly fees.

Business Lit.

Monthly Retainer Services


For clients who want the security and convenience of ongoing legal representation without the hourly billing, Cadry Law Group is available to serve as your continuing counsel for a monthly retainer. If you find yourself needing the advice of an attorney more than a few times a month, Cadry Law Group will gladly handle your routine legal matters including, but not limited to:

While, the monthly fee would be reflective of the measure of service that the client requires on a monthly basis, Cadry Law Group will gladly work with its clients in arranging for a mutually-satisfactory fee arrangement.

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